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Birth Control & Abortion in Islam

Birth Control & Abortion in Islam

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Birth control, or family planning through contraception, has become a common practice in society.

Many new methods of permanent and temporary contraception have become widespread. Consequently, Muslims have also increasingly begun adopting the various means of limiting or spacing out procreation.

This no doubt has a deep influence on the very core of our society and thus raises many ethical and religious questions, particularly surrounding abortion. Birth Control & Abortion in Islam systematically and concisely presents the relevant rules and regulations of Islamic law on these issues.

The discussions are based entirely on the Holy Qur'an, Sunnah, and the formal legal rulings propounded by the jurists of the four major Sunni schools of Islamic law. After learning of the significance of the topic through the author's simple writing style, the reader is guided through the Islamic teachings on the various forms of birth control and abortion with unequivocal conclusiveness.

Short and to the point, it contains all the essentials one needs to know about the subject.