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Finding Peace In The Holy Land

Finding Peace In The Holy Land

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Finding Peace In The Holy Land: A British Muslim Memoir

Finding peace in the holy land is a perfectly timed memoir told with brisk honesty and sharp humour. Sweeping from the suburbs of North London to the olive groves of Palestine, it explores a life of excess-to-spirituality impacted by the struggle of a distant people.

Paddling the celebrity shallows of the 1990s as Tony Blairs sister-in-law, Lauren Booth explored everything city life had on offer; appearing on reality TV shows and at the opening of a paper bag (if i meant freebies). Yet, as a cautious Christian, she was drawn to the Holy Land too.

Given the chance to visit Palestine, instead of finding the faith of her Catholic heritage, she became embroiled in the peoples struggle, accidentally breaking a deadly siege by land and sea, playing handball with Hamas and witnessing daily acts of patience and courage which would change her forever.

Above all Finding Peace in the Holy Land is a witty personal odyssey calling the reader to consider the universal question; whats this life thing all about?