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Ashraf's Tranquil Eye
Ashraf's Tranquil Eye

Ashraf's Tranquil Eye

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Hippocrates (Buqrat), the Greek Philosopher was asked, ''Amongst illnessess which is the most severe and lethal?'' He replied, ''The illness which you consider insignificant.''

Viewing of immoral objects (bad nazari) has become so widespread in Muslim homes and society that in most cases it is no longer considered an ailment or impermissible (haram). In this regard, lewdness upon TV and New Media, at places of study, work, kshopping, advertising and upon mobile mediums has brought unimaginable problems.

We now have a generation of disoriented live-for-now Muslims who appear in slumber; transfixed into a constant state of adolescence; drifting aimlessly from one fad, gizmo, video game to another; constantly underperforming and idle. They appear to have no Deeni inclination or true ambition to excel in life in any avenue and whom we are about to lose.

This brief book, a series of lectures and aphorisms by renown Contemporary Scholars is a humble attempt to highlight:

  • Addiction to Video Games
  • Misuse of Internet & Harms of Social Networking Forums
  • Three Important Tasks for Home Reformation
  • Protecting Gaze & Chastity
  • Remedy for Fantasising & Day-Dreaming
  • Harms & Cure for Evil Gazing & Illicit Relationships
  • Eyes Are A Glorious Gift
  • Poisonous Effects of Immoral Gazing
  • Tranquil Eye & Tranquil Company

Essential Reading & Perfect Gift for Youth, Parents, Teachers, Makatib & Schools.