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Arabic text with Corresponding English Meanings - Left-to-Right

About the Translation

In 1989 three American converts to Islam joined together to form Saheeh International.  Initially established to edit Islamic literature in English submitted by authors to Dar Abul-Qasim of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, shortly thereafter the group began to produce material of its own as well.  Their most notable work was published in 1997 – a translation of the Qur’an’s meanings.  Numerous scholars now regard it as one of the most accurate Qur’an translations available.

About the Qur'an
The Qur'an is no ordinary book. To Muslims it is the eternal word of God (Allah), dictated to the prophet Muhammad - peace be with him - via the angel Gabriel (Jibreel). Originally revealed in Arabic, its style is unrivalled, its language eloquent, its meaning deep. It is beyond any translation to render all this richness of expression in another language. Yet, the Qur'an is primarily a book of guidance and must, therefore, be accessible to those who seek the truth contained in it. Whilst a translation cannot be an authoritative replacement of the original, it can make the meaning of its verses available to a non-Arabic speaking readership.

The verses (Ayahs) of the Qur'an were revealed throughout the 23 years of prophet Muhammad's prophethood, often in connection with events of the time. They were then memorised, recorded in writing, collected and arranged into chapters (Surahs). Within those verses we find narratives describing the creation of the world from earliest times or recounting the missions of earlier prophets, we come across general exhortation to belief and righteous conduct, we are given the tools and principles for reflection and sound judgement in a multitude of life's situations, and we receive detailed rulings on important aspects of criminal and civil law. Thus the Qur'an is not only a text of inspiration but also the foundation of the legal and social structure of Islamic society.

The text of the Qur'an has not changed since the days the prophet Muhammad - peace be with him - received this revelation, yet its content retains its relevance, validity and dynamics and continues to inspire believers of every generation as well as challenge the status quo of human society. The convincing observations of the Qur'an which, after all, are a communication from our Maker, are a powerful call to action and a rebuttal of complacency. They appeal to both the mind and the heart of the reader or listener, they call for justice and compassion, they decry and defy falsehood, pretence and oppression. They represent an uncomfortable truth for those who would like to banish the courage of one's conviction and do not want us to use our intellect and power of reflection to guide us along our path in life.

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