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Complete Qaidah

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Safar Academy
The Safar Qa'idah is vastly different from other Qa'idahs available; it is the product of consultation and experience of teachers that spreads over a decade.

The Qa'idah has been designed with 13 progressive levels, each targeting a unique feature of learning. Each level ensures a gradual and logical progression that fills the gaps which exist in many contemporary Qa'idahs. Graphics and many supplementary exercises have been included, which are necessary for students to gain a complete approach to reading the Qur'an. The words of this Qa'idah are also those that only appear in Qur'an.

Computer fonts and alternative calligraphers do not prepare students well enough to read the Quranic script. For this reason, the script of this Qa'idah has been imported directly from the 13-line Qur'an which is widely used in many countries.

The Qa'idahs unique marking code, dirty & checklist are elements that have been designed to keep track of a student's progress and to enhance the communication between the student, his parents and the teacher.

This Qa'idah forms part of the comprehensive Safar Tajwid curriculum, which is outlined in other Safar publications, relating to the I Can Read Qur'an series.
Safar Publications, Learn to Read Series 5