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Ma'ariful Hadith Vol 1-4

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Ma'ariful-Hadith spread in its eight volumes is a collection of Ahadith on all topics of religion. These are then explained in Lucid Language by Mawlana Muhammad Manzoor No'mani. Beginning with the Hadith about the importance of intention in performance of deeds,the books takes us through Ahadith on faith,on the duties in islam and ends up with Ahadith on supplication.

In explaining the Ahadith the Mawlana has relied upon Mawlana Shah Waliullah for the final word.

The Ahadith are Chosen mainly from Mishkat-al-masabeeh but a few directly from the main books of Ahadith.

Subject Heading are copiously given and the Sequence of Ahadith is conducive to understanding the meaning and objective.They do not follow each other in Chronological order.

We at Darul-Ishaat have the honour of now presenting the set of Ma'riful Hadith in its English translation.We have tried our best to do justice to the original work,and hope that our readers will benefit from it.

The Volumes 5,7 and 8 have been translated altogether by us while the translation of other volumes is not only revised but also those Ahadith and explanations which had been omitted in the earlier work,we have translated  and included them.We have also changed the terminology in the earlier translation which was not consonant with our traditions.

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