Ta'leemul Haq

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Taleemul Haq (Teachings of Islam)
Compiled by Shabbir Ahmed E. Desai

In the midst of growing influence of anti-Islamic, anti-natural and naked western culture and ethos, the need of Islamic way of life is enormous for this material life here in this world. However, the codes and rulings of shariat, a complete code of life, are based on the success and development for both the life here and hereafter.

Islam has given its ruling and commandments to all the spheres of our individual and social life. The book “TALEEMUL HAQ (THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM)’ is a manual of Islamic worship according
to the Hanafi Fiqh School. It has discusses the basic principle and practices of Islam e.g. Iman (belief and faith), Salaah (prayer), Saum (fasting), Hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah Mukarramah) and Zakat which is also popularly known as “five pillars of Islam”. These are the basic teachings of Islam which every Muslim must be acquainted with and follow accordingly before he/she proceed for further duties and rights of Islam.

This book has given a unique explanation on this very topic in details. It also includes decrees and suggestions about various extraordinary or compacted questions.

The explanation given is in an easy and clear manner in the light and sprit of Qur’an and Sunnah. Special references of Hanafi viewpoints have been discussed as and where needed. The book was originally written for the Madrasa students but undoubtedly it is unique companion for him who is willing to learn the said basic teachings of Islam.


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